Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are antibodies?

A. Antibodies are biological regulating substances that protect the body from foreign substances such as viruses that enter the body.

Q.2 What are novel coronavirus ostrich antibodies?

A. They are a substance refined and extracted from eggs laid by ostriches infected with the novel coronavirus that bind to the virus, inactivating it and weakening its infectious capabilities.

Q.3 Is the product an ethical pharmaceutical?

A. It is a substance refined and extracted from ostrich eggs and is not a pharmaceutical product.

Q.4 If it is not a pharmaceutical product, what is it?

A. It is a food-derived substance. As it is effective in inactivating the virus within the nasal cavity as it enters the body, it is dispensed in the clinic as a preventive measure.

Q.5 Is there any basis for its preventive capabilities?

A. It has been confirmed that the antibodies bind to the spike proteins (essential molecules involved in the infection of humans with the virus) during infection with the novel coronavirus, inactivating them.

Q.6 Is this a treatment for the novel coronavirus?

A. This product is for the prevention of infection with the novel coronavirus and cannot be used for treatment purposes.

Q.7 Has safety been confirmed?

A. Various safety tests have been conducted and confirmed, including non-detection with the egg allergen test, dermatological patch tests conducted (20 subjects), oral toxicity tests on rats, and non-use of alcohol. It has been used for over 10 years in masks, sprays, and cosmetics, and is safe to use.

Q.8 I have an egg allergy, but can I use this product?

A. Allergy tests have been conducted, and it is safe to use. If you are concerned, we recommend conducting a patch test by spraying the product on the inside of your arm to check for redness of the skin.

Q.9 Are there any contraindicated pre-existing medical conditions or illnesses?

A. There are no illnesses that restrict use of the product, however individuals with severe egg allergies should refrain from using the product.

Q.10 Are there any contraindicated age groups (infants, children, etc.)?

A. There are no particular age restrictions, however, children who are unable to blow their own nose should refrain from using the product.

Q.11 Can the product be used while pregnant or breast feeding?

A. Yes.

Q.12 How much product is contained?

A. The container holds 30mL of product.

Q.13 How much product should be used per use?

A. Spray enough to cover the entire nasal mucosa.

Q.14 How should it be stored?

A. Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight or refrigerate and use within approximately one year.

Q.15 Approximately how long will this 30mL last?

A. If sprayed 10 times per day, this product can be used daily for 6 to 8 weeks (approximately 3,700 yen per month, 120 yen per day). * However, as blowing the nose or eating after spraying the product weakens its preventive effects, its recommended that the product be sprayed again.

Q.16 How long do the effects last?

A. 3 to 4 hours. The antibodies may be lost after blowing the nose or eating. In these cases, reapply the product.

Q.17 Will using this product absolutely keep me from getting infected?

A. This product is for the purpose of reducing the risk of infection, and will not absolutely keep you from getting infected. Use the product with preventive measures such as hand washing and masks.

Q.18 Who makes this product?

A. Research and development was conducted by Kyoto Prefectural University, and the final steps of the manufacturing process are conducted in the Clinic’s sterile dispensing room.

Q.19 Has the product been used for clinical applications?

A. A clinical study was commenced from early April 2020 at three hospitals in Osaka and Fukuoka prefecture where the product was administered to physicians and nurses. The product has been administered to a total of more than 150 subjects, and effectiveness in preventing infection is being verified. From April 30, the product has been used at nursing homes and designated infectious disease hospitals in Miyakicho, Saga Prefecture for the purpose of alleviating the anxiety of healthcare professionals and preventing the collapse of the healthcare system.