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Protecting your family from the novel coronavirus.

CORONA PROTECTION lowers the risk of infection and prevents infection with the coronavirus.


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About Ostrich Antibody Nasal Spray

CORONA PROTECTION/Ostrich antibody nasal spray is a spray that inactivates the coronavirus and prevents infection / disease onset with coronavirus antibodies that adhere to the nasal membrane / trachea when sprayed into the nasal cavity.
When pathogens are injected into ostriches, ostriches produce antibodies, which are contained in their eggs. The ostrich eggs are repeatedly separated and refined to extract highly concentrated antibodies. After repeated sterilization, the antibodies are formulated into a spray that is safe to use on the nasal membranes and oral cavity, and dispensed into nasal spray containers after undergoing safety testing such as oral toxicity testing, allergen testing, and patch testing.

CORONA PROTECTION / ダチョウ抗体鼻腔スプレーとは CORONA PROTECTION / ダチョウ抗体鼻腔スプレーとは

CORONA PROTECTION/How to Use Ostrich Antibody Nasal Spray

The spray is suitable for use by adults (age 15 and up) and children capable of blowing their own nose.
The spray should only be used by children in the presence of an adult.
Spray once in each nasal cavity. The spray is expected to be effective in blocking the novel coronavirus for approximately 3 to 4 hours. However, as the preventive effects of the spray may be weakened after blowing the nose or after meals, spray again. The spray may also be applied to the surface of masks for enhanced infection prevention.

CORONA PROTECTION / ダチョウ抗体鼻腔スプレーの使い方

This product sprays 50,000,000,000,000,000 (5 quadrillion) ostrich antibodies with one application.

抗体がない状態 / 抗体がある状態



If sprayed 10 times per day, this product can be used daily for 6 to 8 weeks (approximately 3,700 yen per month, 120 yen per day). * However, as blowing the nose or eating after spraying the product weakens its preventive effects, its recommended that the product be sprayed again.


  • ・This product is made from eggs and is not suitable for use by individuals with severe egg allergies.
  • ・This product enhances preventive effects, and does not guarantee freedom from infection.

Ostrich antibody developer

Kyoto Prefectural University

Professor, Animal Hygiene Laboratory

Yasuhiro Tsukamoto, Doctor of Veterinary Science

京都府立大学 動物衛生研究室教授 獣医学博士 塚本 康浩 教授 京都府立大学 動物衛生研究室教授 獣医学博士 塚本 康浩 教授

Currently, the novel coronavirus COVID-19 infections are spreading in Japan, inciting fear on a global scale as there is no effective treatment or vaccine, and also suppressing social activity and provoking economic damage.
At my laboratory, we have conducted the mass production of antibodies (ostrich antibodies) from ostrich eggs, which have remarkable immune properties, that inactivate various pathogens, using these antibodies in the prevention of infections.We have succeeded in the mass production of ostrich antibodies that bind to a part (spike protein) of the COVID-19 virus. Spike proteins are essential molecules involved in the infection of humans with the coronavirus, and binding these spike proteins with ostrich antibodies significantly suppresses their infectious capabilities.
An ELISA study conducted in the laboratory in February 2020 confirmed that the ostrich antibodies we developed bind strongly to spike proteins.
We are currently conducting infection experiments utilizing a clinical strain of COVID-19, or “infection control experiments” with live virus strains, jointly with relevant overseas institutions. We are also working on an enhanced version of ostrich antibodies by immunizing ostriches with killed COVID-19 virus.

From Confirmation of Novel Coronavirus [COVID-19] Adsorption and Infection Control [Implementation Period] Kyoto Prefectural University and Relevant Overseas Institutions (February 2020)